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On these dates of confinement it is very important to stay in recreational activities since long-term confinement can trigger depression coupled with seasonal depression caused by winter.


So you can give a workshop for yourself, a friend or loved one who may need some artistic activity to get through these times of COVID-19.

The workshops that are part of this promotion will be given between the months of January, February or March. We will contact the sender of this coupon to agree on the schedule and the workshop you want to take.  

How to give the workshop?

1 Make your payment

Pay with PayPal

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Pay with PayPal

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Pay with PayPal

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2 As soon as you receive the payment confirmation, complete the following form

Workshop gift coupon

We will send you and the person to whom the coupon is addressed to use it in one of our workshops

Thank you for your message!

3 See you in class!


Give a workshop!

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