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Introduction to photography workshop

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Photography is an artistic process, which consists of capturing a fragment of the life that we have in front of us using light and the camera as instruments.


In this workshop we will provide you with the necessary knowledge to understand photography in its many aspects: technical, aesthetic and conceptual.


We will introduce you to the management of photography techniques, equipment and photographic language through the correct use of light, colors and the possibilities offered by the camera and its accessories.

For this workshop it is not necessary to have a professional camera. You can do the practices with your cell phone

Syllabus Introduction to photography


Class 1

How does a camera work?
Types of cameras

exposure triangle 

class 2

Framing and types of framing
Not everything is Instagram and Facebook

class 3

Composition Basics  

gestalt design 
lines and figures


Class 4

Authors and analysis 
Why is analysis important?
Authors to start
Analysis and comments on photographs and photographers

  • Facebook - círculo blanco
  • Spotify - círculo blanco
  • Instagram - Círculo Blanco

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