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DJ workshop and electronic music production


The DJ workshop is focused on making the student aware of all the necessary bases to be able to mix music in  the most programs  used.  

The pros and cons of each program will be explained to decide which is the best for what you want to do, since although they seem the same, each program has different tools.  

DJ Workshop Agenda


class 1

What is a DJ?  

rhythmic patterns

TAP and BPM by genre

What is MIDI?

Cabins and differences between the use of software and hardware  


class 2

Traditional beatmachine in software

Use of virtual mixer  

Auto Cue, Quantize, Master Tempo, Tempo Range

structures of a song  


class 3

loops and samples

What is a sample?

Legal of samples

Creation of original samples


Ableton Live  


class 4

Mixing by major keys

Mixing by minor keys

FX and transitions  

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