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Introduction to vocal technique workshop for children

Did you know that singing is a learned skill?

Yes, there are people who have it easier than others but that doesn't mean that we can't do it ourselves.


The introductory vocal technique workshop is divided into  four group sessions focused on knowing and understanding everything necessary to have a good technique and consequently sing correctly.


Each class is designed so that the student understands the basics and can put them into practice with the original exercises created by Andrés Torann.

NOTE: It is necessary for the child to take the workshop together with their parent or guardian to ensure the correct understanding of the exercises that the teacher will explain. 

Syllabus Introduction to vocal technique


Class 1

Breathing exercises

Explanation of the functioning of the lungs

relationship exercises

Muscle tension and the importance of correcting it.


class 2

Breathing Exercise Review

What is the diaphragm?

How does the diaphragm work?



class 3

Review of breathing exercises and support

How does imposition work?

the correct posture

Introduction to vocal exercises



Class 4

What are resonators?

body cavities

vocalization exercises


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